Quality Control

Scientific and Rigorous Translation Process 

Our KTrans, granted with independent intellectual property rights, monitors in real time and intelligently runs the whole process and, as a result, ensures nothing goes wrong in every link. We follow a complete process of translation, review, proofreading, and finalization in strict accordance with the Specification for Translation Service (GB/19363.1-2008), ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System and Specifications for the Language Service Industry in China. Besides, supported by a perfect translator/interpreter evaluation system, we deliver quality translation/interpretation services. 

A Professional and Well-qualified Translation Team 

We are well equipped with a team of full-time translators who have obtained Qualification Certificate of Translation Proficiency (Level II) or MTI degree and a team of more than ten proofreaders. All our translators have at least five years of translation experience and can translate more than 10 million words each month on average. All our departments hold professional skill training every week held by the company. For better serving each field, our translators are divided into several translation teams based on the fields they specialize in. For example, texts relating to the field of medical devices will be translated by translators with a medical background.  

Advanced Technology
Thanks to our KTrans Smart Cloud Translation Platform, the best project managers, translator resources, and relevant reference materials can be retrieved intelligently according to the project field, specialty, and special detail requirements. As online and real-time collaborative translation for large projects is achieved, our translation efficiency is greatly improved and consistency of translation style assured.